lauantai 21. maaliskuuta 2015

Dino brooch and forgetful me

So today I'm suppose to open the eco shop I work in. I have been sleeping so much during the  sickness that I totally got lost with the track of days. So I forgot to get the key yesterday. Well it's not apparently such a problem because I can get it today too (maybe even get the shop open in time) but I am totally a panic type a person and my whole body cramps up from the inside really from just a minor stress and I start feeling dizzy... that's just silly, I know but hopefully someday I can chill and not stress so much. I get so forgetful sometimes that its embarrassing.

Well, from the embarrassments of my forgetfulness lets have the days picture. This is a brooch that I really really love and plan to make more pf them. At the time I only have two.

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