torstai 26. maaliskuuta 2015

Soap making going on!

Taking on new challenges.
  So today I finally went to yoga again and it felt so freaking good! I was planning to go sewing today but plans changed as I got a sms from local church club where we gather and make ceramics some times. Today they had a open house...
  Back at home I really wanted to do a second batch of soap as the first one turned out really good and I was talking about it to my bbf (that after all this time I finally did it) with my own recipe! All you do is calculate the oils with MMS (lye calculator) and liquids are 2,5 times amount of lye. And you just whisk it up (there's a lot of instructions so PLEASE take care to educate your self first of you wish to  make you'r own soaps since lye is nothing to play with and make sure you ventilate well and wear proper protective gear. Goog glasses, breathing mask and rubber gloves!!!). In principle it's a lot easier then it appears and you get the hang of it really fast.

In the first bacth I use:
Shea butter
Hemp seed oil
Olive oil
Almond oil
Camomille tea
Eucalyptus bark
Patsouli essential oil
White mineral clay and spirulina for colour
Dead sea salt on top for decoration.

This soap will make a beautifull body and face soap. It is gentle thanks to camomil bace and high consistency of good fats and some special treats for the skin like mineral clay and eucalyptus bark.
The making went really well. Followed instructions and a step by step from the book. Calculated lye and liquid towards the oils and added everything else after blending. Half of it is colord with spirulina so its half green half white. I am so happy! Now just need to wait a month (!) to try it out.


Second batch consists of:
Coco butter
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Dark chocolate
Razul clay
Instead  of water I used a herbal tincture of:
Cinnamon stick
Sahram (tiny pinch)
Black peppers kardamom
cruid nagel (dont know what that is in english)

This one was more tricky since I had chocolate in it and did not know for sure the consistancy of it. How much fat and exet. But I figure it has mostly coco fat so I added a bit of that in calculating the lyes and liquid.
In the making it was not lathering really well and it started bubbling but all that fixed and turned out great. (It had me gasping for a moment)
The infusion is made with spices I had and liked. Mostly sweet smelling but if I had any muskot I'd put it in. The infusion smelled divine and I hope it still does in soap form.
Pakuri is something super healthy. A mushroom that grows only in the north on a birch tree. It is immune boosting and on skin it should elastify and keep skin looking young. This soap is going to work as shampoo for brown hair because of its low lye consistancy and nurturing coco butter and razul clay. All the spices help keep colour of brown hair.

And I made both of it in pringles tube because of the nice shape.

This is a lot of ingredients but what you really need is just few, but I like experimenting and had stuff in hand.

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