lauantai 14. maaliskuuta 2015

Some free quilting

Here's perhaps one of the first free quilting I made. It's for my cosines new born Alessandra. Such a beautiful baby. There's many colors and patterns for her to look at also a pocket with monster toy and another with piece for genuine sea sponge to munch on when toothing.
Its good to reuse neat clothing you no longer need in quilting.

This was so fun to make and if I had more patience I'd make more of some kind of quilts and pillows. One day I will.

// Tilkkutyö serkun vauvalle. Siinä on hyvä köllötellä ja saada väriterapiaa. Kuva ei tee oikeutta viltin väreille tai söpöydelle :)

The gift wrapped in old storybook.

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